This privacy policy is effective 5th May, 2018
Welcome to GoKrazee Innovations Pvt. Ltd’s (‘Company’) mobile application - MAAD. MAAD is a platform that connects brands with creative consumer who tell untold brand stories through high-quality user-generated videos.
Since we take the right to privacy very seriously, we ensure that your personal information is kept totally secure and is not misused. This Privacy Policy lists how the Company treats the personal information that we collect through our mobile application - MAAD (hereinafter referred to as the App) and when you engage with us for any of our services.

Data submitted to us: All information submitted to us by you through our mobile application MAAD is collected and stored internally with us. Such information is neither publicly available through us nor do we rent, sell or license this information to any third party for the purpose of solicitation or to offer related services. If at any time, you request us to delete the information that you submitted to us, we shall do the same upon your written request clearly stating the reasons why you would like us to delete the information. You can write to us at

Data Collection:

We collect users data related to their mobile, email id, contacts, location, mobile type, coverage,age, address, gender, national, and information needed to help provide you with the best of the brand stories to be written, created, watched and shared by you.

Subscription Model/In-app purchases:

MAAD “Make Awesome Ads.” is a community of script writers/copywriters, videographer, filmmakers, social marketers and influencers. We help creative people get a shot at writing original scripts for brands that can converted in powerful videos by story creators, which will then be marketed by story marketers.
As we are building a healthy community that plays a huge role in helping our clients become successful. We charge a subscription fee from our users:

The charges are as follows:
  1. Story Creator - Rs 500 for 3 months with guaranteed campaigns of 1 to 3 in these 3 months if not money is refunded.
  2. Scriptwriter - Rs 150 for 3 months with guaranteed campaigns of 1 to 3 in these 3 months if not money is refunded.
  3. Story Marketer - Rs 150 for 3 months with guaranteed campaigns of 1 to 3 in these 3 months if not money is refunded
This is governed by MAAD “Make Awesome Ads.” all decisions taken are final by MAAD “Make Awesome Ads.”

In case campaigns are provided and your script or story is rejected it is counted as a campaign provided to you in which case the subscription is not refunded.

Story Marketers will be provided 1 to 3 campaigns and paid to post and perform:

Post: The ability to post across social platforms and get paid a minimum amount decided by MAAD “Make Awesome Ads”

Perform: The opportunity to earn a bonus if the post performs based on criteria rolled out by MAAD “Make Awesome Ads” in the guidelines/rewards section. The final decision is of MAAD “Make Awesome Ads.”

Scriptwriters: The ability to writer authentic scripts for brands that get converted into powerful TVC, Digital or social content. The script will be the ownership of MAAD “Make Awesome Ads”.

The payment is decided by MAAD “Make Awesome Ads” and that is final.

In case the script gets rejected you might get another chance to submit another script or make corrections and submit again.

Story Creators: The ability to pick up approved scripts and create powerful videos for brands in the form of TVC, digital or social content. The payment will be decided by MAAD “Make Awesome Ads” and this is final.

Personal Information: MAAD presently collects personal information namely, name, mobile number, email address, device ID and your message that you wish to submit. However, we may, in future choose to collect other personal information such as age, address, PIN codes, date of birth, sex, place of birth, contact numbers, financial information, government identification number, taste and preferences, likes and dislikes, political views and more. We may collect this personal information to provide better services to our clients or prospective clients. This information will be absolutely secure with us and shall remain with us for internal purposes only. The same information shall not be rented, sold or licensed to any third party for the purpose of solicitation, offering goods and/or services, non-governmental organizations etc.

Internal Use of Personal Information: The above listed information is used and processed internally to review the reach of our mobile application or other software and we may use, copy, process, convert, create or analyze the said data in a general manner that may not identify you specifically. We may represent to our partners, agents, affiliates, potential clients etc. the general number of users that visit our mobile application or other software to gain potential partnership opportunities and showcase our outreach and presence on the Internet. We may also use the personal information to contact you about our services and products.

Information Submitted by you to Third Parties: We, at MAAD understand that you may submit your personal and financial information to other service providers or similar service providers, who may or may not be our direct competitors. We disclaim any liability arising out of the violation of these third parties. Our Privacy Policy shall not cover actions on behalf of these third parties.

Third Party Websites: MAAD may also provide links to other websites. If you wish to visit these third party websites, we shall not be responsible for the terms and conditions that these external websites have. Kindly refer to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policies of these respective websites and ensure you agree and understand them carefully before visiting or continuing to use that website.

Payment Information: For wallets, we use third-party services that comply fully with the industry standard.

Promotional Materials: MAAD may send you, from time to time, its marketing materials and promotional information to keep you updated. However, if you do not wish to receive any such material you may choose to “unsubscribe” or “opt-out” any time from our mailing list.

Lost or Stolen Data: MAAD has commercially reasonable security and privacy protection methods and systems in place to prevent the abuse, loss, and unauthorized access of the information that you provide to MAAD. However, in any unforeseen circumstances, we will not be liable to you or to any third party for any loss arising out of any such abuse, loss, and unauthorized access.

Disclaimer: The above listed Privacy Policy only applies to the mobile application of MAAD and does not extend to any other websites or web-links that you may visit through MAAD’s software products. Kindly refer to the Privacy Policies of these third party websites to know more. We specifically disclaim all liability arising out of any violation of the privacy policy of any third-party websites. We are not associated with these websites / companies (unless otherwise mentioned specifically).

Changes to our Privacy Policy: MAAD may modify or update this Privacy Policy from time to time, so please review it periodically. We may provide you notifications as appropriate. Your continued use of MAAD or the service after any modification to this Privacy Policy will constitute your acceptance of the same.