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Sony Sab T.V new serial

How it works?

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2. Watch Promo

Watch the 30 second promo carefully

3. Answer questions

Answer the trivia/contest question about the promo

4. Earn MAAD Points

Earn as much as you can

5. Redeem Cash

Redeem cash to Paytm based on your rankings by the end of the contest

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If you subscribe for Rs 25 plan. You get unlimited access to play the contest for the next 10 days and guaranteed cash vouchers from our brand partners with no terms and conditions attached.

Then you only get to play the game and no gift vouchers from our brand partners.

Points help you to build a ranking based on which you earn money.

Your money gets credited once the campaign ends into your MAAD earnings from there you can Paytm it.

You get Rs 5 everytime your friends and family register and subscribe.

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