What is MAAD?

MAAD is a platform that inspires creative people to create awesome Ads for the most preferred brands. Who says only celebrities can create Ads? MAAD gives YOU the opportunity to create Ads, become popular and get rewarded for your creativity.

Who can use MAAD?

MAAD is available on Google Play Store and can be used by all Android users.

I downloaded the App! How can I gain access to it?

Create your MAAD account by updating the required fields in “Create Account” page. Since this is an Invite Only app, enter the invite code if you already have one, else request for an invite from our online users.

Why does the App ask for an invite code?
MAAD is an exclusive app for passionate and creative people who are interested in unleashing their potential and creating innovative Ads for various brands. Through the invite code, we aim to create a community of like-minded creative users.

InvitesHow does ‘Invites’ work?
When you create an account with MAAD, you get 10 free invites. You can share these invite codes with your friends and get them onboard MAAD. The number of invites will reduce when your friend signs up using your code. You can Buy more Invites using MAAD coins or Paytm.Once your friend creates Ads and gets rewarded, he/she gifts you anywhere between 10 to 25 MAAD coins to thank you for the invitation.

What is Ad Reach?
Once your Ad is approved, you get an option to share the Ad across social media platforms, namely Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Ad Reach is the cumulative score of the views and likes your Ad gets on MAAD and social media platforms.

What are Trending Ads?
Ads that are creative and have high Ad Reach will feature in Trending Ads section.

What is Leaderboard?
For all brands, the top 10 users based on Ad Reach score will feature in Leaderboard.

Who is a Pro-User?
Pro users are the top Ad creators on our App. They are very creative and have good picture and video editing skills. They also have great social presence, reach and engagement.

What is Contest?
Contest is an Invite only competion between groups (Inter college, inter city, etc).

What are polls?
Polls are questions that ask for opinions or preferences about different products and/or brands. 

Are there any general guidelines for all the Ads?
Yes, below are the general guidelines that are applicable for all Ads.

  1. User must be present in the Ad. Ads are verified with the profile picture.
  2. Video/Image quality should be good.
  3. Brand product should be clearly visible.
  1. Ads should not have any controversial content, including but not limited to slangs, nudity, obscenity, political/religious/regional/communal grounds, animal abuse and gender inequality.
  2. Reference Ad should not be copied.

What are the reasons for rejecting an Ad?
All Ads have a set of guidelines defined by the brand. Any Ad not meeting the guidelines will be rejected.

How much time does it take for an Ad to be approved / rejected?
All Ads are verified within 24hr.

What do I do after my Ad is approved? Can I share on social media?
Once your Ad is approved, you can see the Ad in ‘My Ads’ page. There is a share icon through which you can share your Ad on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

What do I do after my Ad is rejected?
For some brands, you get an option to retry and upload another Ad that meets the guidelines. You can check this in "My Ads" section.

What are MAAD coins?
All earnings/rewards on MAAD are credited through MAAD coins only.
1 MAAD Coin = 1 Rupee
MAAD coins can be used to buy invites, transfer to Paytm and upgrade voucher. While doing any of these transactions, a minimum balance of 10 MAAD coins needs to be retained.

What are vouchers?
Vouchers are provided by the brand directly and can be cash/discount. This can be availed in the brand store or online. You can upgrade your voucher to a higher amount by paying through MAAD coins or Paytm.

When will my earnings be credited?
All MAAD coins earned will be credited within 3 working days after Ad end date.